May 17

Traxlo’s Tasku retail app to expand

“Gig workers sign up with on-demand companies like Tasku, Bolt, and Wolt to provide services to the company’s clients. In our case, we provide additional, very local opportunities for people to earn extra money. Currently, we see Tasku platform as a great tool for earning between 10-30% of their monthly... read more →
Mar 14

Traxlo’s Tasku app on The New Gig podcast

Our CEO Paul Vezelis had the pleasure to talk to Glen Hodgson on his "The New Gig" podcast and to discuss the developments that digitalisation is creating within the retail market as well as how apps are allowing people to earn extra income while making retail operations more efficient and sustainable.  📣Listen:👀📺Watch: #gigeconomy #retail #future... read more →
Mar 10
Mar 10
Dec 24
Dec 17
Dec 15

First in Europe: Unmanned store operated 100% by gig workers

The first “Gott 2 Go” store, opened nearby VILNIUS TECH university, is a joint project of two Lithuanian and Swedish startups: Lithuanian startup “Traxlo” developed a gig working mobile app “” that takes care of all the operations in the shop. Full article in Lithuanian: