Dec 15 helps retailers to reduce soon-to-expire goods

As the cost of living is rising and increasing food prices became a major topic in grocery retail, we see all major food retailers trying to promote reduced-price options. Great examples from ALDI USA with a promo of "prices from 2019", or IKI Lithuania's "price reducer" ↘ app ad. But as Whywaste ♻ spotted likely the... read more →
Nov 19
Nov 16

Our co-founders attending a Slush Conference

This week our founders Almantas & Paul will be in Helsinki at Slush. Drop us a line to meet for a chat about gig work at grocery stores. Inside the conference you can try to catch us at Startup Lithuania stand, but knowing how Slush is, better message us beforehand. See you there! 
Nov 14

Traxlo co-founders at the Freelance Movement in Stockholm

Yesterday our team Paul Vezelis & Almantas Zemblys participated in Freelance Movement organized Future of Work Summit in Stockholm, where Paul presented how gig work is changing the grocery retail landscape and at the same time help communities around the stores to earn important extra income.  Great event and community 120% focused on making the life of... read more →
Nov 10
Nov 07
Oct 20

Traxlo co-founders at the Marketplace Conference 2022

We just came back from the best peer conference - The Marketplace Conference. It was a blast to spend time learning from the best people in the marketplace business model world. From fellow startups to the leading VC funds who know how to apply network effects to create solid, sustainable and... read more →
Sep 01

Closing summer with a bang and super Taskers

We are closing summer with a bang! The last three months were intense and so far the most productive in Traxlo's history. Great effort by the team Rokas, Dominykas, Radvilė, Benediktas, Almantas & Paul. KPIs were beaten, metrics up and to the right, but we are most excited about our super taskers. More and more regular people,... read more →
Jul 26

The first Tasker to reach 100 tasks

Congratulations to our tasker Nina who completed 100 tasks on the Tasku app! As always, we are super happy to meet the most active taskers, reward them and learn how they use the platform to earn important extra income.
Jul 04

Our CEO Paul on a radio show discusses: Will the new EU directive help the gig economy, or do we have better alternatives?

Last week our CEO Paul Vezelis had a great discussion on a radio show of Žinių radijas, talking about the future of employment and upcoming #EU regulations of gig work. Deep insights together with the host Karolina Mickute from Lietuvos laisvosios rinkos institutas, Labour Law and Youth policy at Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the EU Kestutis Zaura and Chairman... read more →