We help retailers to gamify
shop-floor performance,
increase staff motivation
and productivity

Know everything that is happening on your front line.
We provide real-time information about
the actions & location of staff members,
customers and much more.
Optimize productivity

Ever wondered what is actually happening on your shop-floor? How long it takes to do what task? Who is actually doing what? Using aray of Traxlo sensors you can:

  • Know how long it took to stock the shelves
  • Know if fruit & vegetables stands were checked
  • Know the actual daily workflows of your staff
  • Analyze whole staff’ productivity
  • Know the ideal pathways & areas to improve
  • Get alerts when anomalies in workflow occurs
Manage payroll

We all know how hard it is to know for real how the payable hours were used in every retail location. Why use outdated methods to log tasks completion, when you can simply know who did what and for how long?

  • Automatically log every task and completed action
  • Know the actual task completion time
  • Audit worked hours vs. completed tasks
  • Compare forecasts to hard data about productivity
  • Improve payroll forecast accuracy
Increase motivation

People like to get rewarded for their efforts, allow your staff to get perks for great performance. It is hard to spot secret superstars, but it is possible to learn about them from hard data. Traxlo provided data lets you:

  • Celebrate your most productive people
  • Issue rewards based on hard data
  • Spot “bad apples” and fix the situation
  • Form better performing teams
  • Reduce performance differences
  • Increase fairness in tasks vs. revards

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How Traxlo works

Traxlo utilizes a number of sensors to gather real-time performance data from the shop-floor. Usually its a combination of location sensors, cameras with computer vision and additional data inputs from cashiers and other sources to be analysed in Traxlo Retail Dashboard.

Using proprietary sensor fusion technology Traxlo is able to digitalize every corner of the retail store together with all the store associates. Such detailed digitalization allows seeing everyone and everything moving and working in real-time and in a less than 30 centimetres accuracy.

This data then in real-time is analyzed inside the Traxlo Retail Dashboard to be ready for the store manager to easily understand the current status of the shop-floor.

Performance dashboard

Traxlo Retail Dashboard helps store managers to manage and follow every corner of their store in real-time.

Open the cloud dashboard to see all open tasks and dedicated associates to complete them. Follow their progress, location and actual pathways. Traxlo analytics engine allows to easily celebrate the best performers, make a list of top associates for the month based on your selected metric.

Our Retail Dashboard automatically distinguishes between different types of the tasks being perėformed and calculates the daily, weekly, monthly progress per employee, per shift, per store.

Equip and connect more than one of your stores to be able to compare results and productivity between them.

Traxlo Retail Dashboard is able to import additional data from external sources and to provide easy access for its data export.

Traxlo is here to optimize your shop-floor performance